Behaviour Support.

Behaviour support for people with autism

Autism Bristol works intensively to help reduce behaviours that challenge and cause a person distress. The team applies functional analysis of behaviour to identify triggers and develop coping strategies. We recognise this is a difficult time and it can be isolating for the person and their family.

What’s involved:

  • Functional analysis of behaviour, looking at which behaviours occur, the intensity and frequency of the behaviours and the function of the behaviours
  • Unpicking and understanding the “why” of the behaviours
  • Development of personalised strategies to manage the behaviours (1) before they happen, (2) at the warning stage and (3) during a full blown “meltdown”
  • Development of a Positive Behaviour Support Plan (PBS) to include primary prevention, secondary prevention and reactive strategies
  • Development of coping strategies
  • Supporting families through the stress, fatigue and their own emotional responses to behaviours that are distressing

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