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Group Therapy from Autism Bristol

Autism Bristol recognises that learning new social skills are best delivered within a group setting. Developing social skills requires direct teaching of skills followed by rehearsal and practise. In a group, each person can practise with a range of people and embed their skills. This also allows the group to talk honestly about the challenges they experience.

What’s involved:

  • Weekly sessions of therapy designed to facilitate communication and interaction with others
  • Group support and talking through problems people face on a day by day basis

Groups currently offered:

  • Pre-school boost children’s group – This group is designed to give children a high intensity course in communication, play, turn taking, expressing likes and dislikes and managing sensory and behavioural challenges.  Parents and family are expected to be hands on in the session for online coaching.  This group is designed to give skills to practise prior to school entry and may include follow up support at nursery.
  • Non-verbal, still communicating children’s group – This group is designed for children who are non-verbal and pre-verbal and require additional support to communicate, either through symbols / photos / switches / iPads and other tablets. Each group is organised according to age, type of communication and needs of the child.  The group typically runs with 4 – 6 children per group with maximum support for each child to become successful at using their additional communication method as well as support for parents in programming devices and trouble shooting.
  • Tips and tricks for secondary school – This group is designed to help adolescents who have transitioned to secondary school and need a supportive hand to navigate the murky waters of teenage years. This group is specifically designed for adolescents who are verbal and attending a mainstream secondary school.  Topics include how to start / maintain / end conversations, how to recognise if someone is a friend, how to talk to someone you like, how to respond to teasing, how to be safe at school, online and in the community, combatting anxiety.  Each person is encouraged to attend independently as the group will act as a support for problem solving sensitive, emotional situations.
  • Adult ASC Support Group – This group is designed for adults who are experiencing social anxiety through their diagnosis of known or suspected autism / Asperger’s.  The group is based on understanding the anxiety and developing strategies to become more confident and successful when socialising.  It examines the patterns of social interaction from work relationships to friendship groups to dating. This group has follow up community activities as an integrated part of the sessions.

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