Summer Autism Sensory and Communication Groups 2018.

Introducing our Autism Sensory and Communication Groups

Come along to one of our informative sessions designed and run by therapists in Clifton & St. Pauls, currently available in four different group types:

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Pre-Verbal Preschoolers.

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Sensory Play and Development.

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Primary School Upskilling.

Tips and Tricks for Teenagers.

About our sessions:

This summer we are bringing in group therapy sessions so that everyone can have a bit more support in a fun way. These sessions are aimed at children coming together and being able to join in a structured play session. All the while, we work on communication, sensory issues and self-esteem.

Group sessions let parents and families have a cup of tea and relax while their child learns new skills in a relaxed way and maybe even meets a friend.

Join the following groups:

  • Pre-verbal Preschoolers: This group is aimed at developing your child’s vocalisations and attempts to speak by using specific facial cues and prompts. Each session boosts communication with PECS, TEACCH, apps on tablets.
  • Sensory Play and Development: This group is aimed at young pre-schoolers and young primary school age children who find it a bit tricky to cope with a lot of stimuli. This is aimed at providing families with some realistic strategies that will help in day to day life and different ways to cope.
  • Primary School Upskilling: This group boosts play, social skills and emotional development for children in primary school. It uses a lot of play activities and role play to elicit turn taking and team work.
  • Teenage Tips and Tricks: Teenage group sessions are aimed  at young adolescents being able to cope with this tricky time in life. There can be increased anxiety and difficulty solving peer based problems. This group is about learning safe ways to exit teenage dilemmas.

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Sessions running from July – August 2018.

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Currently available Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday from 10:00 – 12:00.

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Only £15.00 each session, per child.

All our groups include:

  • Tea and coffee for parents.
  • Snacks for children.
  • Ideas and problem solving for home support.
  • 1:1 direct sessions with a Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist.

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If you are interested in visiting one of our group sessions, please contact us using the link below and a member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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